Thanks and Good Things


PETSMART: Animal Cruelty :: While I am not a huge supporter of PETA, this cause is one I’m willing to get behind them on. Boycott PETSMART until they get smart and stop the animal cruelty their store helps to maintain.

Zimbabwean women want Dignity.Period! To anyone who has had a period, you know they can be bothersome, even without cramps or other heath issues. Now imagine if buying a box of pads or tampons took more than half your monthly paycheck or if stores stopped selling them! Zimbabwean women are in a struggle like this, but you can help. Here is the official FAQ.

The Hunger SiteThe Breast Cancer SiteThe Child Health Site

The Literacy SiteThe Rainforest SiteThe Animal Rescue Site


Thanks for taking time to look at my site and I hope you enjoy it. I don’t blog just for myself. I’d just use a notebook or something if that was the plan.


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